Double Cross

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Ask a spectator to hold out their hand and make a closed fist. Pull out a marker, draw an on the center of your palm, and close it into a fist. Now without any rubbing, erasing, or funny business, you slowly open your hand and reveal your X is COMPLETELY GONE. Now ask the spectator to open their hand - THE X IS ON THEIR PALM!

Ask them to try to rub away the X - they can't! It's Sharpie ink! Tell them not to worry, though - it's safe and non-toxic and can be washed away easily with soap and water.

The secret behind Double Cross is diabolically clever and, perhaps more importantly, practical. It's always inked and ready to go. There is nothing you need to make or prepare beforehand - just throw the pen in your pocket, and you can perform it all night long.

Because there are no difficult sleights, you'll sail through the routine. You're so far ahead that the spectators will never remember you coming near them or touching them. The result is a unique magic effect self-contained, has NO reset, and can be performed surrounded. It's a table hopper's dream.

Double Cross includes the MagicSmith designed and fabricated Double Cross Sharpie pen, accessories, and complete instructions.

Also can be purchased in a Red Heart variation as well.

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