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For nearly a decade now we've been producing highly limited runs of custom decks for DMC to use in his own private performances. You may recall the Rolls Royce and Lamborghini decks - with only a few dozen of each ever printed - and there have also been further similar decks for private clients and families that have remained highly confidential. The DMC PRIVATE SIGNATURES series is created for public release incorporating the design motifs from those private creations, this time bearing the bright organe tone, along with rich, vintage leather texturing and a beautiful Silver foiling on the box and card edges.

The mocha toned, open-weave tuck box has been beautifully printed with luxury Silver foil both inside and out, and also embossed with a beautiful vintage leather texture for maximum impact. The card backs themselves carry the full ELITES V4 marking system and the card edges have also been foiled with a luxurious mirror-finish Silver.

There will only ever be 1000 decks of this DMC PRIVATE SIGNATURE Arancio deck available for sale, and for maximum collectability each deck carries a uniquely-numbered label.

Truly, the most luxurious version of ELITES ever created; the DMC PRIVATE SIGNATURES Arancio edition.

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