DMC ELITES (Royal Red Edition)

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The ultimate in performance, style and sophistication, the DMC ELITES are the result of years of research, refinements and development, and are designed to provide an unparalleled performing experience in any situation.

With their unique Optical Marking System, the DMC ELITES cards allow you to perform mind-blowing feats of magic with ease. Whilst the markings are utterly invisible upon first inspection, once understood they can be easily read within one second … and from a distance of up to six feet!

Beyond their functionality, the DMC ELITES also boast a timelessly elegant design and a the luxury PHANTOM FINISH, making them a joy to handle, fan and spread. With their superior durability, the ELITES will also withstand the rigors of even the most demanding performances.

Whether a professional or an amateur magical enthusiast, the DMC ELITES are the ultimate choice for any serious card worker.

LIMITED STOCK, this deck will never be re-printed at any future date.


These cards have been created with professional magic and mentalism performers in mind, but they could be put to work to gain an illicit advantage at the card table. If you want to crush your friends on the snap, that’s fine, have fun, but cheating at games where there is a gambled stake is unethical, immoral, and illegal. If caught, you may be subject to prosecution by the law or violent reprisal from your marks. The technical skills required to cheat at the card table are fascinating to study, but we cannot be held responsible for any cheating that may be conducted using our equipment.

Additional accessories are shown for illustration purposes only and are omitted.

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