Crujir Cardistry Trainers

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*Each set comes with 5 pieces, and a custom tuck case*

Cardistry trainers are tools that are specifically made for helping YOU evolve, practice, and invent cardistry. Unlike cards, these special pieces are made of resin, the industry standard when it comes to high quality custom trainers.

WHY trainers? Unlike cards, trainers are blocks, which do not have the tendency to spill all over the floor, so you can spare yourselves the 52-card pickup game that is a peeve to all of us. Specifically, trainers are useful for environments like schools, colleges, and workplaces, where cards may be frowned upon -- or where you just can't afford to spill cards every time you practice or learn a new move. Moreover, they're MUCH easier for inventing new moves, as you have full focus on the move, instead of worrying about dropping cards.

Crujir Cardistry Trainers' design was made specifically to look great in motion. Cuts and spins, using these, look phenomenal due to the circular and Bauhaus elements fused into the design.

The Features:

  • Perfect appearance, glittering and translucent carving.
  • Both sides are designed with a curved screen, great handling and smooth for cardistry.
  • You don't have to worry about the deck sticking together, unlike some other trainers on the market. These separate flawlessly, allowing for smooth cuts and movements.
  • The trainers are washable, so you can directly stuff them into your pocket, backpack, and also never worry about dropping them in mud or any other unfriendly places.
  • ONE SET contains 5 pieces -- the thickness of 4 pieces is the same as one normal deck. A fifth piece is included for the more advanced cardistry packet cuts that some people like to practice and discover.
  • Extremely smooth, laser cut edges.
  • 4 pieces are more or less the exact weight as a normal USPCC deck, thus delivering an unparalleled experience.
Crujir Cardistry Trainers -- presented by Area52 MAGIC and Pravar Jain.

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