Counter Prediction

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Predict a number of Like and take advantage to increase your visibility on the networks: it is possible with our Counter Prediction!

You show a stand that looks like a Facebook or Instagram bar.
On this stand, there is a panel with your Facebook or Instagram link written.
This panel hides the digital dial: the number of like.

You then ask your spectator if they know this number and of course the answer will be no.
Explain that we are going to simulate this number of Like.
For that, you then show four cubes with different numbers on all sides.
A spectator chooses a cube, then a number on this cube.
The cube is placed on the stand at the location selected by the spectator.
All choices are free.
You repeat the operation with three other spectators and again, all choices are free.

When everything is done, you remove the panel and the randomly created number exactly matches your prediction, the number of like!

Finally, as you are holding the panel with your Facebook link written, you are in perfect condition to conclude by saying that to increase this number, all they have to do is to Like the page!

Self working!
Two logos inckuded : Facebook and Instagram.
Writable panel coated with Dry erase marker
Dimensions of the cubes: 6 x 6 x 5cm
Dim of the support: 42 x 9 x 7cm
Made in France

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