Controle (Red)

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A fabulous mentalism effect! Five predictions, each one correct! 

The effect is as simple as it is mysterious! 5 blank cards in 5 plastic, see-through pockets, nothing else! 


A sticker is applied to each of the plastic pockets. You take the cards from the pockets and place them on the table one by one. 

Pick up the empty pockets and draw an ESP symbol on each of the stickers with a marker. 

The 5 pockets are then placed on the table with the stickers face down. No one can see your 5 drawings - your 5 predictions. 

You invite a spectator to mix the 5 pockets on the table. 

You then take a blank card and visibly draw one of the 5 ESP symbols, for example, the circle. 

You then invite your spectator to point freely to any one of the 5 pockets. 

Slide the card into the freely-chosen pocket, and repeat for each of the remaining ESP symbols - the square, the triangle, the star, and the wavy lines. 

Everything is perfectly honest and CLEAN! 

Turn over the pockets one by one to reveal your 5 predictions. 

The spectator will not believe their eyes as the card with the circle is in the correct pocket. The proof? 

The sticker attached to that pocket is indeed the one on which you had drawn a circle! 

One by one, each pocket is turned over. One by one, each prediction is proven correct - triangle, square, star, wavy lines! Each prediction 100% correct, 100% of the time! 

Magic? Mentalism? Coincidence or luck? 

One thing is certain: your spectator will not soon forget this amazing experiment! 


This is a BONUS routine, really strange and interesting! You can perform it directly when you receive your CONTROLE! Finally, a game where your spectator can hope to win, but it is just an illusion... 

With CONTROLE it is always your decision, but nobody knows that -- everything is under your CONTROLE, even during a game of chance! 

YOU WIN at each game! You decide -- you don't leave any luck to your spectator! It's like a modern Three Card Monte! 

Note these strong points:

  • No forces, no manipulation!
  • No magnets, no threads, or flaps!
  • No nail writer or such device!
  • The cards are plastic and can be immediately erased to perform at another table.
  • Use numbers, cards, symbols. You're not limited to ESP symbols!
  • Delivered complete with cards and pockets.
  • A new principle and, as far as we know, one that has never been used for this type of effect.

An EXCLUSIVE creation by Mickael Chatelain

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