Condom 2 Card

Color: Red
Sale price$35.00 USD



Imagine the moment when you take a condom out of your pocket, how embarrassed ladies would be! Without any cover, this condom will turn into a card! What attractsξan audienceξis thatξspectator's can sign their names on the card. In fact, this kind of card can be used in performing various kinds of card-magic. First you can give an envelope to your audience and tell them that this is a prediction. Later, ask them to choose one card at random from the deck and sign on it, then put it backξin the deck. Next, open the envelope yourself and are surprised toξfind that it is a condom. At this moment, you need to slightly shake this condom andξit will magically change into a card immediately. Most importantly, this magic card is exactly the oneξyour audienceξjust signed. It is going be the most fantastic magic you have ever seen and you deserve to have it.

Resets instantly
Easy to do
Amazing outcome

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