Color Changing Wreaths

Sale price$30.00 USD


Display a cloth bag, from which you remove three JUMBO WHITE rings crafted of classy looking feathers.

Place a feather ring into the bag, thread a red silk through the center hole, and when the ring is removed it has transformed color to RED!

You now repeat with the other two white rings and one yellow & blue scarf, and then each white ring transforms their colors respectively to YELLOW and BLUE!

For your climax, place ALL three differently colored rings back into the bag, and thread the red, yellow & blue scarves through the center hole.

You now remove the 3 rings, but... it doesn't appear anything happened?? Ready for this? You toss all three rings into the air, and they INSTANTLY TRANSFORM INTO ONE GIGANTIC TRI-COLORED RING!

Includes EVERYTHING you need to perform this as soon as you get it!

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