Chicken Nugget Playing Cards

Color: Red
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"Knowing something about the original Jerry's Nuggets only will enhance one's appreciation for this deck, but even apart from that, the Chicken Nuggets deck is amusing and entertaining, handles well, and is more than suitable for playing card games, or enjoying as a custom deck of cards." -Ender's Game Review, Reviewer

Full Review
A delicious and hilarious rendition of the highly sought-after Jerry's Nugget playing cards. Meet the Chicken Nugget Playing Cards!

Hanson Chien brings new life to the long out-of-print, legendary deck. Jerry's Nugget playing cards is admired by magicians all over the world for its unique feel that is often imitated but never duplicated. Working with a graphic designer, Hanson spent over a year mulling over every detail -- from selection of the right material to precise color adjustments. We devoted all of our efforts to recreating a deck of cards that resembles the legendary Jerry's Nugget as closely as possible.

From the nearly identical Ace of Spades and Joker to the crooked tax stamp and red security tear-strip, Chicken Nugget Playing Cards is indeed a close match to the original. But don't take Hanson too seriously -- the court cards feature a collection of junk-food-junkies devouring everything from donuts to French fries!

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