Card Under Anywhere Wallet

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Heba Haba Al's 'Card Under Glass' is a legendary piece of magic. From its origins in the Chicago magic scene to making its way to bar magicians around the world - it never fails to surprise and amaze.

It's a difficult routine to perform without the space of a bar, and nearly impossible to perform without a table, until now.

Matthew Wright has been performing versions of the card under glass plot for decades. This project takes all the impact of it, adds more and then makes it happen all in the hands of the audience with a mind-blowing finale.

If you've seen Matthew Wright's projects before you know he leaves no stone unturned, with videos jam-packed with ideas and routines you can start using in your shows. This is a masterclass for everyone. With 80 minutes of explanations of routines to suit beginner, intermediate and advanced students of magic.

The bifold wallet you receive is expertly made from top quality leather, built to last. It's the perfect everyday carry wallet, with the most brilliant no palm to envelope function ever.

What you get
  • 80 minutes of video tutorial
  • 20 minute BONUS explanation footage never released before
  • Routines to suit all skill levels
  • Custom designed wallet that can easily be your everyday carry wallet that acts as the 'glass' and achieves the incredible kicker finale.

Is this the E-wallet with a different name?
No - this is a totally different product.

Is this the same as any other wallets you've put out?
It's a stripped-back version of the Marvelous-fx range of card to wallet bifolds - this only has one function and it does it better than ever. It doesn't have any unnecessary features, so it's not bulky and the loading system has been refined.

Love card under glass but do I need a table for this?
No, no table is required!

Now with extra BONUS HANDLING

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