Ball Vase 6" By Viking Mfg.

Sale price$149.00 USD


The Ball Vase or Ball and Vase has been around for over 150 years but it never fails to fool and entertain. We have made different Vases in the past, some large and some small and currently have what we call our Viking/Thayer Ball Base. A tribute to Floyd Thayer.

Our vase is expertly turned from Asian mahogany. The red ball features our proprietary metal flake finish. This vase will allow you to show your hands empty as it cleverly conceals the second ball in its base.

A red wooden ball is made to vanish and appear within the wooden vase and finally even falling through a very small hole in the stem; impossible but true. Supplied with a second special ball so that you may perform the Silk to Ball effect. Comes compete with everything needed including a red silk hank and detailed instructions.

Vase is 6" tall; ball measures 1 5/32" in diameter. Limited quantities available. You receive the Thayer-type modified Ball Vase, 1-solid ball, 1-silk ball, 1-9" red silk hank and instructions

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