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Bellboy Version

Notice a card holder at his feet and one near the BellBoys hands to hold cards. The holders each hold a deck of cards, and cut-out fronts enable the audience to see what is inside. From a shuffled, examined deck of cards spectators freely select one or more cards.

Cards are noted, and shuffled back into the pack & put in holder at the bottom..

The cards are now taken from the holder at the bottom, passed one at a time slowly in front of the Bellboy's eyes, and placed in the holder on top.

The spectators are asked to call "Stop" whenever they like.

When they call stop, the card stopped at is turned around to show the face.

It is one of the selected cards! This is repeated for the other selected cards.

NO Forcing, NO Palming or NO Switching!

Spectators can stop you anytime

Selected cards can by signed. They are the very same cards selected.

Stands 20" High!

Use any cards. Regular, Animal or Number cards!

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