Artisan Engraved Cups and Balls in Display Box

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The base material of the Craftsman cup and ball is brass and then placed through four different sculpting processes.

Each cup is re-polished and inspected after each process to ensure the integrity and accuracy of each carving. Each cup is then electroplated and screened over and over again to ensure that each cup is nearly the same size and weight.

To the pinnacle of the talents of countless magicians.

Gold thread hand hook knitting ball, complicated process requires superb skills, only skilled master can produce such a delicate process.

As our magic wand, we aspire to turn it into a collectible magical product.

We designed a brand new wooden display case. Like the wand crate, this collector's crate is made with exquisite craftsmanship. Burgundy is hand dyed and hand polished. The wood grain is clear and pleasing to the eye.

Hidden brass hinges are used for the lid of the box. This makes opening and closing more stable and elegant.

The lining adopts standard EVA flannel, which not only ensures the stability of the cup, but also highlights its beauty.

The lid also features a new curved window. The Angle of the curved surface is completely ergonomic. Whether it is placed on the shelf or on the desktop, the aesthetic feeling and uniqueness of the cup are highlighted.

Weight of cup: 228g

Cup height 75mm, cup bottom diameter 45mm, cup inner diameter 71mm, cup outer diameter 79mm (error range ±0.8mm)

The red/golden ball weighs 6g and has a diameter of 29mm

Weight of collector's wooden case: 1129g

Storage box size: length, width and height 310mm×16mm×17mm.

The whole set is: white packing gift box + shockproof foam cotton ×2+ collection wood box + carved cup ×3+ gold ball ×4

Engraved cup and ball set total weight: 1890g

Note: due to manual measurement, there may be slight error, please prevail in kind.

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