Artifice (Out of Print)

Color: Blue
Sale price$25.00 USD


The Artifice deck is the second in Ellusionist's signature line of playing cards, and was "developed with the relentless fascination of deception, dexterity and the dark psychology of the word Artifice itself". It features an all-over black back design with stripes of blue fading to black, and pin striping and scroll work in metallic silver ink. They have the Performance Coating, which is Ellusionist's exclusive variant of the increasingly famous Magic Finish. The cards are fully customized, with all new artwork on court cards, pips and indexes. The deck was designed by Ellusionist designers Jason Brumbalow, Lee McKenzii and Carlos Batll, and several card pros were consulted including Lee Asher, Aaron Fisher and Daniel Madison. Comes with two Jokers (one of which has a built-in reveal) and a double backed gaff card

This Deck is also Out of Print.

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