Holy Grail of Newspaper Tears

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"One of the best newspaper tears I have ever seen on the market, great for MC's, that's why we had to have it as a White Rabbit Magic exclusive!"

For yearsäó» people have sought after Bolivaräó»s unique and unbelievable newspaper tear, and up until now, it has never been available to magicians. If you have every performed the newspaper tear or wanted to, but didnäó»t like not being able to handle it cleanly, then look no further, because this is the newspaper tear youäó»ve been waiting for.

No other newspaper tear compares to this one:

ξ * Uses a single sheet of newspaper
ξ * Flash restoration
ξ * Can be examined at the beginning of the routine
ξ * Can be handed out immediately following restoration
ξ * No glue, no tape, no wires
ξ * No preparation for the sheet to be torn
ξ * The restore sheet has no preparation other than folding
Œæ * Reset time 30 seconds if you donäó»t hand out restored sheet. Less than 2 minutes if you give-out the Œæ Œæ
ξ ξ ξrestored sheet

Imagine, clean when you start and clean when you finish - now what other torn and restored newspaper can say that...

Full Performance:

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