Traffic Light - Stage w/3 Silks

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Effect: The magician shows a board with three holes labeled #1, #2 and #3. The # one spot is orange and the other two are blue. The magician states that he can make the orange spot jump from the #1 spot to the #3 spot. He places the board behind his back and when he pulls it out again, the orange spot has jumped to the #3 spot. He says he can make it go back and repeats the action of putting it behind his back. ξ

The audience catches on that he is just switching them by flipping it around behind his back. The magician asks if they want the spot to jump to the #2 spot. The audience replies with a äóìYES!äó?

The magician then covers the #1 spot with his hand and magically drags the orange from the #1 spot to the #2 spot.

The audience asks to see the other side and the magician shows the other side to be all blue spots.

As a finale, the magician bounces the panel on his knee and the spots change color to red, yellow and green. The spots are then poked from the back and they are shown to have changed into three different silks colored red, yellow and green.

The silks can then be used for your next effect or simply put away.

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