Jewel of Magic - Emerald Kit

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The Emerald Edition includes props and instructions for over 75 amazing tricks including many baffling, nearly self-working tricks in the Miracle Card Case! A bonus book of 50 Amazing Illusions details easy tricks anyone can do with little or no sleight of hand or special equipment.

Contents: Cups and Balls, Ball V ase, Prayer Vase, Devil’s Coin Bank, Spiked Coin, Coil and Ring, Multiplying Coin Tray, Rabbit Paddles, 2 Card Monte, Viz Escape, and Hydrostatic Glass

Punch Out Tricks: Number Mystery, Vanishing Mystery, Hypnotic Suspension, Photographic Mind, Thurston Souvenir Card, Dunninger 34 Trick, Houdini Chain Escape, Monkey Tube

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