Copenetro Coins in Glass

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Kline’s Copenetro; an incredible effect where four coins travel across space invisibly into a sealed glass! Now a Viking-made product!! Available for a limited time only.

Made the way Kline designed it. The most deceptive base ever.

Here’s what happens: Display a large glass, a small shot glass and a wooden base. The small glass is placed on the base and the large glass inverted over the small one.

Four coins are shown resting on a wooden stand. One by one the coins vanish! The performer takes each coin from the stand and tosses them toward the sealed glasses.

You can actually hear each coin as it arrives in the small shot glass. The effect on the audience is truly startling! One by one, the coins appear inside the small shot glass.

Complete with the two glasses, a beautifully finished dark Cherry wood turned base, and a Cherry wood stand for vanishing the coins. It’s all self contained and automatic. No sleight of hand.

FREE! With every purchase, we will include a copy of Bob Kline’s Copenetro Booklet, an $8.00 value FREE! While supplies last.

Our photo depicts the exact unit you will receive.

Outer glass measures 2 31/32″ in diameter at the opening. We reserve the right to change outer glass shape and design as supply allows.

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