Color Changing Ball to Jumbo Square

Sale price$9.00 USD


The performer shows a small red ball which he causes to vanish in his hand, only to reappear from his pocket or elbow. He offers to do the effect again, but seems to get ‘caught’, as the spectators see a small section of the ball protruding from his fist.

“Oh, you’re cheating, you can see the ball… but you know what, that’s not a ball at all, it is CUBE!… and the ball isn’t over here (performer opens his other hand) because that’s a BLACK BALL! You see this is an illusion and the red ball has been in my pocket all the time!” and the performer pulls out the red ball from his pocket.

This is a self-contained miracle, easy to do. Works great, looks great. The sponge is a bright red and the cube is a full 2 3/8″ square, more than twice the size of the ball(s).

You can also make the cube change into a ball; produce a silk hank from the cube, etc. A lot of Magic for very little money.

Comes complete with detailed instructions and Goshman’s quality sponge props. Highly recommended.

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