1898 Morgan Replica 4 Coin shell set

Sale price$80.00 USD


An exquisite shiny new Morgan shell and coin set at a fraction of the cost of original silver sets.  These are honestly the best Morgan replicas I have ever seen!!!!!

•••Each coin is individually encased in plastic. To ensure that you receive the coins in mint condition!

The photos above show the nested shell front and back. You will receive 4 Morgan dollars and 1 Morgan expanded shell. This is a beautiful reproduction set, custom stamped and engineered to look and function like the original silver set. Even better each coin has along with the expanded shell features milled edges.  The expanded shell features a long lip that covers the coins beautifully.   This set is being offered at a fraction of the cost of its silver counterparts.

*NOTE  these are NOT the super-thin Morgan replica shells being sold on eBay from China that are very low-quality. These are very high-quality. They feel great and you will see the difference! 

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