Table Hopping Rejections

As a magician we feel like everyone loves magic, I mean why wouldn't they. Every time I enter a restaurant, I am often reminded that no, not everyone does love magic. In fact, sometimes when approaching a table, people have no problem letting you know that they hate magic. Being rejected when asking someone if they want to see a magic trick can be very humbling and sometimes awkward.

The other day I was working a restaurant, for the most part, everyone was having a really good time. Typically when I approach a table, I ask them if they've had an opportunity to order and how was their day. When I approached this one table, I started with my typical line, followed by, "I am a magician and if you are interested I would love to perform a couple of tricks for you and best of all it is absolutely free, compliments of the (insert Restaurant)." Before I could blurt out the last couple of words, the gentlemen looked at me and said, "Does it not appear that we are in the middle of the conversation, please do not disrupt us again." I do try and gauge a table to see whether or not they are having a friendly conversation or if they appear happy. I totally misread this table. I must admit, I did leave the table with my tail between my legs, but I made sure that the table next to them had a really good time enjoying my magic.

When the couple left I made sure they were great with a nice smile and I said "I hope you have a good rest of your evening, and hope we see them again real soon." You know the translation ;-)

Table hopping can be a great experience and a true testament to your talent. Crowd control, angles, rejections, and everything in between. If you are a regular restaurant magician, my hat goes off to you. It can certainly keep you on your toes.

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